Proper HMI design can cut back operator workload, enhance situational consciousness, and support the operator in stopping minor deviations from turning into major incidents. Well-designed HMI additionally works hand-in-hand with Alarm Management initiatives, since higher presentation of information to the operator improves general scenario consciousness. This helps offset the notion operators ceaselessly have that elimination of alarms from the DCS will cut back their means to trace the status of the plant.

Recent analysis has identified that well-implemented HMI can enhance operator efficiency in drawback detection and resolution by as much as 25 %. This reduces the period of time the plant is operating at less-than-optimal effectivity, thus bettering the underside line. This additionally reduces operator stress and improves worker relationships.

If any of the next appears acquainted, your HMI wants enhancement:

  • Operators declare they want ten screens to function the plant.
  • Graphics seem cluttered.
  • Graphics are extra colourful than a carnival.
  • During an irregular scenario, operators quickly soar between screens, trying to find the knowledge they want.
  • Graphics are developed page-for-page from the P&IDs.
  • Graphics don’t incorporate the most recent cognitive processing analysis.


IfeLight presents full engineering assist for all of your HMI options. Our Engineering Team gives full design and improvement of any human-machine interface product from User Interface (UI) design, display screen specification, and HMI software program.


Our HMI Capabilities Include:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Design
  • LCD/Touch Screen Integration
  • High Tech Light Guide Films
  • Interface(HMI) Software and Firmware Development


Mechanical and Electrical Design

Understanding the necessities helps our team to create a design that will probably be price efficient and meet your whole necessities. Which might be the whole lot from utilizing a medical grade optically bonded control panels, shielding for an working room gadget to a low price mixture of a rubber keypad with a specifically designed polycarbonate and adhesive stack-up for an industrial cleansing product.

Our in-house engineering team will work straight with you to resolve any design challenges you face.


Design Challenges May Include:

  • HMI designs utilizing the smallest potential footprint
  • Designing the interface to be waterproof for wash down applications
  • Integrating metal back panels, bezels, or plastic enclosures

LCD/Touch Screen Integration

Traditional user interface manufacturers usually just help you specify LCD or Touch Screen hardware into your device- as long as you give them the make and model number of the touch screen. We focus on working collaboratively to best understand the application in terms of operating environment, viewing angle, ruggedness (does it need to be optically bonded, correct type (capacitive or resistive), the size, and many other factors.

Over the years we have created methods to calculate the correct stack-ups and manage the spacing between protective overlays and the LCD or touch screen. In-experienced designers fail to factor in the proper spacing and place the screen too close or too far away from the protective cover which creates a condition known as “newton’s rings” or “aliasing”.

Newton’s rings are a phenomenon in which an interference pattern is created by the reflection of light between two surfaces. Bright rings are caused by constructive interference between the light rays reflected from both surfaces while the dark rings are caused by destructive interference, in turn causing the display to be illegible.

High Tech Light Guide Films

Using a thin back lighting panel enables clean and isolated visual feedback without adding cost. Back lighting panels can drive lower cost while still providing high durability and easy assembly. Alternate color or icon lighting provides visual verification of the selection and switch operation. It provides a visual cue and operation feedback in packages that are rugged, cleanable, and weatherproof.

The technology of using custom light guide film with side firing LEDs allows us to incorporate different colors to the same area without hot spots. There is also the ability to add motion and programming to the interface all inside of a very thin stack-up.

Interface Software and Firmware Development

Part of the function of a human-machine interface is to communicate operating conditions of the device to trigger an alert or a response from the operator. Not only are we capable of designing and building hardware but we can design and incorporate operating software into the interface.


Software and Firmware Examples:

  • User Menu Displays. Everything from start-up/shut down menus, operating instructions or graphical interface commands.
  • Managing device inputs to trigger events. Including:
  • Serial Input/Output Interface
  • Bluetooth and Wireless Communications
  • SD Card and USB Communication
  • Pressure/Flow Switches
  • TDS Meters
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Voltage/Current Sensors
  • Battery Status
  • Temperature/Humidity Sensors
  • Valves and Mechanical Switches
  • Data logging/Storage – Being able to store historical data within the device in order to retrieve at a later date for warranty or repair purposes.
  • Managing firmware updates over time to keep your devices current with new technology.

The experience we’ve had with different Micro Controller platforms allows us to design and customize the most cost-effective solutions for all your needs.

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